Science and art
hand in hand

Thanks to our multi-spindles, we produce precision parts ranging from diameter 5 to 42 made of different materials (steel, stainless, brass...). We do small, medium and large series. We are known for our flexibility and customer service.

  • Multicapçals GILDEMEISTER AS16/20.
  • Multicapçals SCHÜTTE SE16.
  • Multicapçal GILDEMEISTER ø30.
  • Multicapçal WICKMAN 1".
  • Multicapçal TORNOS SAS16.6.
  • Torn CNC Hanwha ø20.
  • Rectificadora.
  • Laminadores de rosques.
  • Fresadora.
  • Moderna màquina de rentat.
  • Màquines de control 100% per visió artificial.
  • PETEWE per fer-nos nosaltres mateixos les eines.
  • Diverses màquines per segones operacions.

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